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Calcium silicate

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Calcium silicate

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Introduction of calcium silicate:

Calcium silicate is a white powder. It's tasteless. Soluble in strong acids. Insoluble in water, alcohol and alkali, most of them are acicular crystals. When heated to 680-700 ℃, the crystal water is removed, and the crystal shape does not change. The micro calcium silicate is produced by hydrothermal reaction of silicic acid, quicklime and water in a certain proportion

The crystal slurry is prepared by filtration, washing and drying.

Calcium silicate is made by calcining and melting calcium carbonate and silicon dioxide at high temperature. Due to the different formation conditions, the crystal morphology is different, and the use is also different. It is mainly used as building materials, thermal insulation materials, refractories, pigment and carrier of coatings, filter aid, candy polishing agent, gum

Dusting agent, rice coating agent, suspending agent, analytical reagent.

Characteristics of calcium silicate:

1. High strength: when the bulk density is similar, it is the insulation material with higher strength among inorganic hard insulation materials.

2. Heat resistance: no deformation within the service temperature range.

3. Thermal insulation: the thermal conductivity is lower than other hard block insulation materials.

4. It is a non asbestos fire retardant product.

5. Anti bacteria, anti mildew, anti-aging and anti-corrosion to ensure a healthy environment.

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