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Introduction of desulfurizer:

Desulfurizer generally refers to the agent to remove free sulfur or sulfur compounds from fuel, raw materials or other materials; In the control and treatment of pollutants, it mainly refers to the chemicals used to remove sulfur oxides (including SO2 and SO3) in the exhaust gas. All kinds of basic compounds can be used as desulfurizer.

In order to remove sulfur dioxide from flue gas, cheap lime, limestone and alkaline solution made up of calcareous agent are widely used. The desulfurizer can absorb most of the sulfur dioxide in the flue gas and fix it in the fuel slag. Chemical plants and smelters often use sodium arbonate, alkaline aluminum sulfate and other solutions as desulfurizer to treat tail gas containing sulfur dioxide, which can be desorbed and recycled.

This mixed solution desulfurizer has surface activity, catalytic oxidation, can promote the direct reaction of SO2, accelerate the dissolution of CaCO3, promote the rapid oxidation of CaSO3 to CaSO4, strengthen the precipitation of CaSO4, reduce the liquid gas ratio, reduce the calcium sulfur ratio, and reduce the evaporation of water.

When the concentration of SO2 at the flue gas inlet increases and is higher than the design value, the pH value in the absorption tower reaction tank decreases, and a larger Ca / S ratio is needed. Under the condition that the volume of the absorption tower reaction tank does not need to be expanded, CaCO3 can dissolve quickly, increase the calcium ion concentration, keep the slurry pH value in the normal range, and have a certain buffer effect on the pH value.

Prolonging the running time of slurry in the working section and reducing the times of slurry mixing can significantly reduce the scaling of the equipment and make the scale layer thinner. The scale layer is easy to fall off after washing with water after shutdown. It can reduce the dispersion and activity of scaling in the desulfurization system, reduce the deposition of scaling, reduce the content of chloride ion in the slurry, and reduce the corrosion and scaling rate of various materials in the desulfurization equipment to varying degrees, among which the carbon steel is reduced more, the corrosion and scaling rate is reduced, and the polyvinyl chloride is reduced.

The addition of desulfurizer can play the role of scale, corrosion and corrosion inhibition, reduce the blockage, scaling, corrosion and wear of desulfurization nozzle, reduce the scaling, corrosion and wear of slurry circulating pump and impeller, and reduce the maintenance and replacement of spare parts in desulfurization system. Broaden the selection range of desulfurization materials and improve the reliability of the system.

Under different working conditions, the slurry circulating pump and oxidation fan can be reduced and stopped, the desulfurization efficiency can be improved, and the operation cost can be reduced. It is suitable for the change of sulfur content in coal and high sulfur coal. In the application of flue gas desulfurization, it has broad market promotion advantages, and can produce considerable economic and social benefits.