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Calcium aluminate powder

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Calcium aluminate powder

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The performance characteristics of calcium aluminate powder are as follows:

Calcium aluminate powder is gray white powder. The main composition is the mixture of calcium diacluminate (Cao · 2a1203) and calcium monoaluminate (Cao · A1203). It is slightly soluble in water, and the water solution is alkaline with pH value of about 11.

The reaction activity of calcium aluminate powder with inorganic strong acid is very high, and can be started at room temperature. The aluminum oxide can be used as raw material to produce liquid or solid polyaluminium chloride, which can simplify the process, reduce costs and improve the product quality. It is the raw material used by most of the aluminum chloride manufacturers at home and abroad.

How to use calcium aluminate powder:

Polyaluminum chloride can be prepared by the reaction of calcium aluminate powder and hydrochloric acid in one step:

Whcl = [2.147 (1-B) · aalo, · n + 1.304acao]. W/AHC

Where: whcl - weight of hydrochloric acid to be added Ke

W - weight of calcium aluminate powder to be added, kg

B - expected alkalinity of polyaluminum chloride product%

Alumina content% in aal2o3 calcium aluminate powder

Oxidation content% in acao calcium aluminate powder

Content% of hydrogen chloride in ahc1 hydrochloric acid

N - dissolution rate%

During production, add water to the reaction tank, start the stirring slurry, add hydrochloric acid in a fixed amount, dilute to the required concentration, and then slowly add calcium aluminate powder for reaction. During the reaction, the temperature in the tank will gradually increase. When the temperature is over 110 ℃, the reaction can be restrained by adding appropriate amount of water, so that the reaction will not be violent and overflow. Add a small amount of water many times. Maintain the normal temperature. After adding calcium aluminate powder and reacting for 2 hours, when the pH test paper is greater than 3, add water to dilute it to a density of 1.25-1.26, and then put the material into the sedimentation tank. After sedimentation, the supernatant is liquid product, and can also be dried by the dryer.

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